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The Rise of Veganism. Are Vegans Misunderstood?

Is it just me or are there more vegans everywhere? I am not sure if it’s because of the rise in social media making us all more connected or it’s just a thing now in 2018. On Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook a slew of ‘vegan warriors’ are showing the world how cool they are and how much healthier and concerned about the planet they are. I feel left out. I want to be cool, I want to respect cows and other animals too but if I could just have one more hamburger I will take the plunge.  Seriously though, so far that day has not happened for me yet where I can leave all animal products behind, but I get it, I absolutely get it and find that I love vegans. Yes, I said it I love vegans. Here are a few reasons why I feel this way:

1) Vegans are passionate about their causes and beliefs.

2) Vegans tend to have strong will power.

3) Vegans are not easily influenced by the the masses

4)  Vegans often have a mind of their own and are not easily persuaded to give up their beliefs or causes

4) To maintain a balanced diet as a vegan is a tall order as getting the right proteins, iron and B-vitamins can be difficult minus animal products, but serious vegans show they are able to compromise and find a different way to do what everyone else does.

5) Vegans have the mindset to protect and preserve our planet, I totally appreciate that!

These are some of the reasons why vegans have my respect and I am inherently curious about their strict lifestyles.

In the media and in society, vegans often get a bad rap sheet. I think most people see vegans as wrong, annoying, or that they are “preaching” when they express their beliefs. However, is it right for us to dislike another person because they don’t want to be part of cruelty, abuse, neglect, suffering, torture, and the killing of billions of animals? Some vegans may come across as though they think they are superior, resentful, judgmental, and that they think they know best—but, for most of us, that is simply a reflection of the pain and suffering we witness and are aware of, knowing that all of it could be prevented just by eating and shopping more mindfully. Saying this, I must again point out I am not vegan but very aware of what animals endure from human consummation. I am not saying Veganism is the only way to show mindfulness, (that’s why I am doing this blog) and of course, veganism isn’t immune from attracting its share of obnoxious whackos, but I think we should look on both sides of the spectrum and try to meet somewhere in between. I believe we can all do a small part in the preservation of our planet whether we are vegan or carnivorous.

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