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The Ecoganic Lifestyle E-Book


How to Look Fabulous and Stay Healthy the Organic & Eco-Friendly Way To start your journey into an Eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, it is important to understand the basics of what is all about. It is good to know what looks good on us, where to start and more importantly, what this all means.  Ally has put her writing and research skills to use and has developed an E-book called the Ecoganic Lifestyle. Ecoganic is a word made by her to describe an Eco-friendly and organic way of living while still being true to your personal style. No longer does sustainability indicate a hippy or tree hugger image of the past, today we have various ways of staying fashionable, beautiful and chic all while being earth conscious. For only $9.99 this 25-page E-book will be a staple for all beginning Ecoganics.  Enjoy!

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