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It says that people don't remember things, they remember experiences. That is why a simple life is so important in our journey.  Some of the best moments you can enjoy with your family is to explore the world you live in. Hence, Traveling is a way through which families connect and spend quality time with each other. Traveling is...
Summer time in South Florida is sunshine and pure bliss!  Its funny how sunshine has that endorphin effect on us that makes us just want to get outdoors and be happy. Music can do the same for us. Combining perfect weather and music, summertime gives rise to many indoor and outdoor concerts and festivals such as Coachella and many...
We do not often realize it, but the tourism industry plays a significant role in the state of our environment. Whether its water usage, power sources, renewable and non renewable practices and even recycling, since they are usually such a large operation, their impact on the environment deserves a second glance. Eco-tourism is now practiced by many luxurious hotels...

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