Artists use various colors such as red to get that pop of inspiration to create majestic masterpieces. In a way, I see that pop of green in houseplants as that tool to create the perfect backdrop in interior design. Not only do houseplants add a beautiful and enlivening interior, but they add tons of health benefits also.

The benefits of house plants go far beyond creating a beautiful space, adding color and texture. They also play a major role in keeping us healthy. Most common houseplants cleanse the air by significantly reducing the amount of harmful gasses, pollutants and carbon dioxide in the air, while releasing oxygen which we all need. On a psychological level (since we all need some serious mental R&R these days) plants play a major role in calming and soothing us mentally as even the smallest plant connects us to nature in some way.

Dining Room

At most popular restaurants and eateries, plants have become one of the primary sources of décor for various spaces no matter what type of cuisine. Why not bring that feeling of eating in an indoor oasis to your space? Plants in the dining area can add major appeal and may even make those veggies look tasty to the toddler…yum! Having plants in the dining space helps the mind and body to relax and brings the focus back to our taste buds. All this while enjoying fresher, cleaner air quality.



Who doesn’t like showering outside if they could? If you’re like me, using the garden hose outside at midnight while the neighbors are asleep just will not make the cut! Ugh! Why not infuse a small houseplant into your bathroom décor for a simple way to bring the outdoors in.

Living Room and Family Rooms

Houseplants in the living and family room are my favorite spaces! Since as family and friends gather in these spaces the most, it by far is the obvious area to bring in that serene atmosphere and air cleansing element into these spaces. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting with a cup of tea in your living space surrounded by even a teeny drop of nature.



Bringing houseplants into the workspace can not only have a soothing effect mentally but can help you focus and be more productive. Combining that connection to nature in a workspace can have profound effects on workplace satisfaction and mental clarity even if you work from home.


Growing up in the islands we were taught not to have live plants in the bedroom, so I still go on the side of caution with this. Plants in the bedroom can have the most beneficial effect in this area due to the obvious reason why we use that room. We want to de-stress and relax. Use plants in this room to create your own oasis, whether its one statement piece or maybe small terrariums or air plants. A little pop of green and nature in the bedroom would allow the bedroom to perform at its best.