Re-Usable Pads

If we limit ourselves to products we already use, and choices we already make, there would be no reason for this article or even this blog. There would also be serious questions about the relevance of my writings. However, it is safe to say that whenever I think of doing a post, it usually correlates to a question I have or a problem that needs to be solved.  If I recommend specific products or a category of products it is because the brand is trusted by either myself or someone who have used them or seems like a better alternative. I understand that organic or Eco-friendly options are better because of what they do many of them are a little pricier than your regular alternatives, but as we have stated before there are many brick and mortar and online stores such as Orange Tulips Knits with revolutionary and safer options so in the long run, organic and Eco-friendly products are completely worth it.

Some of the reasons I think these products are better are:

  1. They are usually made without harmful chemicals and toxins
  2. They are Eco-friendly and do not cause harm to the environment.
  3. The products usually support a way of life and economic prosperity for small artisans and small business.
  4. Many of the products contain natural ingredients
  5. They are healthier for the body and skin.

    Orange Tulips Re-usable Pads

In our previous blog post we talked about some of the dangers of Sanitary napkins and tampons and also some alternatives to using these products. I briefly mentioned the brand Orange Tulips Knits and their awesome re-usable pads. I haven’t been so excited about a product since I first tried hazelnut Nutella 5 years ago! Seriously though, these re-usable pads are one way that we can be Eco-friendly and reduce hazardous waste in the environment and also be safer and promote wellness. They not only help the environment since it reduces waste significantly but it helps your body breathe better because since there are no plastics or chemicals on it, it makes it a more comfortable experience.

These re-usable pads are revolutionary although they have been on the market for a few years now because they offer you the possibility of buying a package of cloth pads that you can wash and reuse. Unlike the disposable ones, these reusable pads also have wings but made of cloth. It might cause some shock at the beginning, because of the routine of cleaning them and reuse them (come on! put them in a fabric bag and throw them in the washer or rinse them in the shower).  Users including myself have been very vocal about the benefits of not having to buy two or three packages of pads every month, and about the fact that a standard size fit perfectly.

Here is my personal review on the product:

Re-usables vs regular pads
  • I found the pads to be very comfortable with no leakage
  • since I am a busy mom, I like the feeling of not having to run to the store since I will never run out of pads because they are wash and wear
  • there is a feeling of safety because I know there are no hazardous chemicals
  • the prints are super fun
  • I like the addition of wings for extra protection
  • I feel I am doing the earth some good by eliminating at least one hazard to the environment and keeping plastics out of landfills.
    Variety of Prints


    Front and Back View

    Soft Inner Lining with Wings

Reviews based on a few questions we asked their customers:

  1. How did you get into reusables?
  2. Why Orange Tulips Knits pads work well and why did you choose us?
  3. What’s the best thing about the switch?

Shelley’s answer:

Fab dyes, great pads,great people

Sara’s answer:

I was introduced to cloth for postpartum use after the birth of my second child.  I chose Orange Tulips Knits because she had a beautiful variety topper fabrics as well as great core and backer materials. I continue to buy because the quality is impeccable and the shop owners are a pleasure to work with.  I actually look forward to my period and I have experienced less cramping and less bleeding since switching to cloth pads.

Sarah-Jane’s answer:

I am only 3 months into cloth pads, my only regret is not finding out sooner about them. Orange Tulips Knits has gorgeous prints and materials with beautiful craftsmanship. The pads and scrunchies are flawlessly gorgeous and Karla is a dream to work with!! ❤

Leslie’s answer:

I choose to trying out reusable because I actually have to wear them daily and way more comfortable then your plastic disposables.  I like Orange Tulips Knits because of the variety shapes, awesome prints and sizes that work for me as well as smaller sizes for my daughters stash.  The best thing I’ve found out about making the switch is money saver and and pretty pads. I can wear them longer because the absorbency is better. I also look forward to my periods now using them as an accessory and fun!

This is a wonderful and innovative product and I truly thank Karla Moscoso the store owner for sending me some samples. Although, I did receive the product, it did not contribute to any bias in my review. I probably never would have tried it if it wasn’t so.  Please go to their site and look at their collection of beautiful (cannot believe I am saying that about pads) sanitary napkins.

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