For many years, we have been learning the importance of being environmentally friendly and the many ways our lifestyle can damage the planet and results that can bring to our future. However, when it comes to thinking about adapting ourselves to an Eco-friendlier lifestyle, the task starts looking a little complicated and hippyish (If that is a word). Cutting down on the products you use? Watching how long your showers to get every day? It can, as we just seem to be complicated to abandon some habits for the sake of the environment.

Though it can be a little hard to determine which of your behaviors are harming the planet, the reality is that it won’t only let you contribute to the world, but it will also impact lives in a real way, not only yours but those in your household and even close friends who would like to follow your lead to a healthier Eco-friendlier lifestyle. The first thing that you must do to achieve this is being conscious of a problem and, if you are reading this, things are going off a great start! After being aware of the environmental issues, there are many small steps you can take and, before you know it, you will be on a very green path.

Here are a few simple things you can do to get started:

Farmers Market Produce

Support local industries: small and local industries often use less industrial processes to create their products. Farmers markets for example, are full of organic fruits and vegetables that you can taste in their fresher state while supporting smaller artisans and farmers and give back to the local community. Also, everyday there are more online sources where you can buy discount organic products from like Simple Green Earth Organic Market, a platform for local green products (Use CODE: FREESHIP for free shipping). Do a little research on local and small brand business’s initiatives and ask questions about their practices, the ones that are really committed to their duty with earth will be happy to answer.

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Wear sustainability: Fashion has probably been one of the areas where we’ve heard more about the dangers of bad practices (being the Rana Plaza tragedy, which killed thousands of workers in Asia was one of the loudest wake-up calls) and lately we have been discovering more and more brands that are committed to create clothes with less waste. As with the local industries (which by the way, you can always find local fashion brands), you must do a little research, but you will always find brands that are doing interesting things with their processes, paying their workers fair wages and that are also working side by side with artisans to enhance their art and show it to the world. Check our fashion section because we have names for you!

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Use Less energy: The amount of energy your household uses can be reduced if you pay attention to the moments where the space is alone. Little things like turning off the lights when no one is in a room or turning off the appliances (unplugging them too) when you are not using them can seem like a very small contribution, but in the long run will make an important impact on your energy usage, not to mention your bill. Another good idea is to adjust your thermostat to go off when the house is empty, so you don’t have the extra electricity working when you are not there.


Replace disposables: Plastic forks, paper cups, razors and other everyday items that we use all have options in the market that you don’t need to replace or at least not as often.  Use glass, ceramic or recycled material items instead. Check out Simple Green Earth Organic Market for list of items such as the DivaCup, a menstrual cup that you can reuse therefore reducing the number of pads or tampons you use every month, or our reusable cup and utensils set for some ideas. It will be easier than having to go to the store and buy more, and you will create less waste along the way. By the way, I recently have been using cloth diapers on my toddler instead of disposables (while he is home ) and someone just reached out to me about even using re-usable pads myself! What?? blog post coming soon.

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Reusable bags for all: One of the biggest changes some countries (such as Chile, Colombia, Rwanda and Italy) have made is to reduce or eliminate the usage of plastic bags in supermarkets and commercial establishments. Instead, businesses had to come up with alternatives like paper or reusable bags for their customers which have resulted in the popularity of reusable bags. These days you can find very lovely options in which to carry around all your things and can also be a fashionable choice. As for the house, we understand you sometimes need bags, so the way to go is with biodegradable or alternative bags for places like your kitchen and for those leftovers you will put in the fridge. Our blog shop has a small assortment of re-usable bags from Blue Avocado at a discount price to choose from. Also see Simple Green Earth Organic Market for a wide variety of biodegradable bags.