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Holiday Stress? How to Maximize Gift Giving

The holidays are a magical and special time of year for most of us. It is the time of year where families and friends gather, conversations over great food...

The 9 Different Body Types and How to Find Your Personal Style

You may ask what a post about body types and choosing clothing appropriately has to do with living a green lifestyle?  It has everything to do with it! Knowing exactly what...

New Beginnings- Eco-friendly Ways To Revamp Your Closet

Fashion is an important part of beauty and self-expression. Expressing ourselves through clothes and our clothing choices has been a practice that shapes our personalities and style, and that also supports...

Eco-Friendly Fashion Brands to Try Today.

Fashion is one of those areas in our daily life that serves as a first impression and reflection of who we are. Our style immediately speaks about who we are inside...

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