In previous articles we talked about how you only need a few steps to start walking towards a life that is more organic and Eco-friendly.  This journey includes different aspects: your clothes, your beauty and skin care products, how you take care of your children, your home, and the places you go. This article is about the kitchen. Can we observe a more organic and Eco-friendly kitchen? Not the food you prepare, but the tools we use and the way we keep our kitchens clean.

We tend to believe that having a kitchen that we consider environmentally-friendly is just about buying organic food. And although this is a big part of it, it is not the only thing we can do. If you have started purchasing products that are all natural and grown without any chemical help. You are one of us and it can only get better from there. As we have remarked before, the option of buying from small local producers is also a great idea, since you are both supporting clean industries and encouraging the production of organic food.

However, there is more… and it will surprise! So, take note of the simple ideas you can incorporate in your kitchen to make it Eco-friendlier. They will certainly make your home greener, and it will also amaze you for the many ways you get to save money and time in the long run.

Forget about the paper- Yes, we all love paper towels because they’re easy to use and, you know… they are there, in the kitchen, all the time. However, we also know how harmful the waste of paper is for our planet. Replacing these with a cloth seems like an easy idea, but if you are meticulous with the hygiene of your kitchen it might cause you some anxiety. But fear no more! You can now buy several kitchen cloths that are made of fabrics which are thought to be more efficient as well since they will absorb almost anything without leaving scratches. One reusable cloth is equivalent to 20 rolls of paper towel. Did you see the savings right there?

Cast iron cookware

Cookware without contamination- Did you know that most of the appliances we use to cook our food may contain chemicals that can harm our food? Most of the pans and pots available today have a significant amount of metals that have been studied as elements that increase the risk of serious conditions like Alzheimer or ALS. Although is not easy to determine, it is always helpful to do a research into which materials to avoid and of course, invest in some of these pieces. Ceramic/cast iron or some stainless-steel pots are a good choice, and you can find many options in a different range of prices. The favorite all-around cookware pieces for health seem to be those made from stainless steel or cast iron. Most stainless-steel cookware have a core made from aluminum or copper since these metals are great conductors of heat but I cannot recommend them since they may not be acceptable after doing my research. Cast iron is another type of cookware I recommend. Even if some of the iron leaches from the cookware into your food, in most cases this is acceptable since many people can easily incorporate iron into a healthy day of mineral intake. Though you must keep in mind that it is going to cost more than your regular frying pan, it will be more durable, and it will make you feel safer and it’s an Eco-friendly choice for the environment.

Natural cleaners

Natural Cleaners- We tend to be brand loyal and that good old Ajax cleaner and bleach tend to be our go to products since we were children.  However, the kitchen cleaners and spays that we love usually contain chemical that are known to be harmful to our skin, respiratory systems and the environment. The good news is, on there are more natural and Eco-friendly options available in stores such as Simple Green Earth Organic Market but although they are good organic and Eco-friendly options available, many Eco-friendly experts recommend that you start making your own cleaning formula. You heard me, you can create your own cleaner! There are many recipes on the internet, and most of them include white vinegar, because of its natural characteristics as a disinfectant. Baking soda, essential oils, lemon juice are natural cleaners that will eliminate dirt and germs while keeping harmful chemicals out of your kitchen.

Containers, containers- We all use them, both for keeping things in the refrigerator or for taking them outside. In this category, we can also include kitchen plastic wraps. Just like the options before, you can find a way to transform these into green options. Look for organic wrap materials, re-usable bags and reusable glass containers instead. Most of these are designed to keep the flavor of your food intact, prevent harmful chemicals from seeping into your food and again, it will result in tons of savings for the future when you use re-usables and it will assist in keeping your kitchen Eco-friendly.